Who are we?

Your partner for the realization of your Italian garden and for solid technical advize regarding you (future) house

We at Bisconti Case e Giardini are here to help turn your dreams and plans into reality.

Bisconti Case e Giardini is a small company based in Alto Lazio with over 40 years combined expierence in construction and landscaping projects, run by a Dutch couple with a passion for Italy.

Marie-Jose Reynaerts has completed garden and landscape projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Italy. She specializes in Mediterranean gardens.

Coen Vreeke, an industrial engineer, has worked in the construction industry since 1989, most recently managing restoration and construction projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.



We differ from others

We are passionate about our work, creative in our approach and can provide you with a seamless process from concept to completion of your dream project, managed within the agreed budget, time and quality frameworks.

We believe a key factor in ensuring successful projects is a thorough mutual understanding. We can communicate with you in English, German, French or Dutch and of course, Italian. It is the combination of our fluency in the Italian language combined with our knowledge and local experience wich will ensure that all Italian legal requirements, permits and permissions are effortlessly negotiated. We can advise you through the entire process from property scouting and purchase towards final realization of your dream project.

Contact: info@bisconti.eu +39 3394950351